Planning ‘your’ wedding can be overwhelming for a first timer and really exciting. Since wedding these days have become something of great importance, an event which has taken a big turn from being an intimate experience to something like a carnival. Well, in order to get your wedding to be the talk of the town or not, check out these tips, it’ll help a lot in making your wedding great.

  • The first thing to consider is YOUR BUDGET. It’s sad that many couples don’t realize the costs involved in planning a wedding and may find their dream wedding become shambles right before their eyes. In that case, you have to prioritize. You have to settle what exactly is important to you and focus on those few things. With the budget in place, you need to start getting yourself involved in the essential part of the upcoming event. Well depending on your pocket, you may decide for your wedding to be elaborate or a just a small party between the families involved and friends. Your budget is what you plan to spend for the wedding or the amount of money you intend to utilize. However, be very mindful of your pocket. Also take note of the amount of people you want invited to the wedding, it could be 10, 50, 100. This allows you not to overspend what you’ve already stipulated in your budget. Also, build in a 15% ‘splurge caution’ for unexpected cost you’ll probably succumb to.

  • Remember that you and your supposed spouse can’t do this all alone, therefore, you would need the services of an event planner, and this brings me to my second point. An event planner is basically someone who would help with the planning of the event. They are concerned with the food, drinks, ushering, the event location, the hall to be used, etc. Although some brides to be may allow event planners get involved with their wedding dress, the makeup artist and all that concerns what the bride and groom will wear, while some may not allow such technique. Take note that in your discussion with the event planner, you have to discuss with him/her exactly what you want and how you want it to be. Its your day to let her/him make it happen for you.

  • Getting the right people is too important when planning your BIG DAY. Family is needed here. You need your family and friends who would support you in your decisions while planning these things. Well that can include some uncomfortable conversations especially if they are planning to chip in for the big day. So babe! Don’t waste time on such conversations and determine on time the amount of money they are comfortable spending. Also, getting the designer for the dress, hair, makeup, jewelry, all these could be handled by one person, but if you know not one person that is good in all these, then you need to look for persons that would NOT disappoint you on your day.
  • Select your wedding party. That means your bridesmaids, groomsmen, little bride best man and etc. family and friends who you know would make your day successful during this monumental occasion.

  • Work as a team with your FIANCE! Your soon to be significant partner in life should be aware of your decisions while planning your wedding. He should not be left in the dark. Let him/her know what families and friends are bringing to the table.

  • Select a theme for the wedding. Here, I’m talking about colours of the day that you and our spouse both want, Asoebi that’s the native attire that would be used. Choose something to design your wedding around. It would be much easier to make things look interrelated.

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