Popular makeup artist, Ronke Raji has just passed through the first phase of her marriage with her heartthrob who she tags her best friend, Olabanji Arthur.

They have legally tied the knot in court and have their white wedding very soon.

Greennews is so much in love with their court wedding pictures we simply had to share! It’s creating a sensation everywhere.

From Arthur

“Forever seems too short. Heart still skipping beats like stones skip on ponds and rivers”

From Ronke,

“I got legally married to my best friend after 7 years. When we first met, I used to walk with my head down because I didn’t think I was good enough for the world. He told me, lift your head up, you are beautiful and ever since, I’ve been doing that. Love exists”

Love truly seems to exist, just by a glance at their pictures.

We want to wish them a happy married life ahead!

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