It’s another episode of Our Perfect Wedding with Lade, where brides share their wedding experience.

Today, charming Barrister Chisom Felix (@barrister_somy) lets us in on her wedding journey.

Recall that #Chizirim2017 rocked the internet a few weeks ago. The couple had their traditional wedding ceremony earlier this year and it was grand. From their pre-wedding to their white wedding, it was a hit back to back.

Today, the newest bride shares with us how the wedding planning went and advises soon to-be couples on how to plan their perfect wedding.


It feels amazing to be married to my partner. We have been together for 4 years before our wedding. Feels like we have been married for four years actually and the wedding ceremony was mainly to fulfill all righteousness.


The wedding planning was stressful but beautiful at the same time. We didn’t have a planner, the hubby and I planned our wedding from A-Z and we enjoyed every bit of it. We both love planning and we are extremely detailed and very organized. I like my things a certain way and I would go over and beyond to ensure it turns out beautiful. The stressful part of the wedding planning would have to be the Balogun market runs, and other errands that had to do with going to the market plus you know how naija market is with the traders pulling you to patronize them and all. The challenging part of the wedding planning was dealing with difficult family members and vendors. My fears were that some of the vendors wouldn’t deliver exactly how we wanted them to and also, I was a bit scared that the hall would end up being crowded and things might not turn out the way I wanted but I committed everything into the hands of God and he took away my fears first and then handled everything perfectly.


I enjoyed working with Nwandosignature (@nwandossignatureevents) and Stopgap Events (@stopgapevents) the most because we sort of bonded, they were easy to communicate with. They understood our ideas and visions and were more than willing to bring them to life and Nwandosignature was very cooperative and ensured they gave us their best price. We bonded with both parties on different levels and I’m glad we have found a new family in them.


I don’t think there is anything I would change at my wedding tho. Hmmm… maybe I would have done a destination wedding and have maximum of 200 guests at my wedding instead of a thousand. I would have also reduced the number of Aso Ebi train I had for my traditional wedding.


My advice to brides to be is to start every single wedding prep and everything they do in general with God and end it with God. Hold unto God’s word and he will direct you. He knows more about wedding decor, colors, food, hall, even the type of  wedding dress you like more than you even do. Once you put God at the center of everything, you would end up having a beautiful ceremony and marriage. Secondly, things might not turn out as perfect as you planned it, some people might even go out of their way to annoy you or cause trouble at your wedding just to get to you but “say NO” to  getting angry. Smile no matter what if not for anything for beautiful pictures that you would look back at and be like “Boy!! Who’s that gurrrrrl!” (laughs) I looked every inch a beautiful Queen on my wedding day and also for your children as well. You don’t want them saying “mama was an angry bride” (laughs)
I’ll give the same advice to the groom as well but would also advice them not to think too much, money would be leaving their account so much they might want to panic. Don’t panic, just try and cut down on unnecessary paparazzi that wouldn’t add much value to the wedding. Always remember that there is life after the wedding and soaking garri and borrowing money after lavishing millions to please people or to get social media attention won’t pay the bills after the wedding. Hold unto God and he would perfect everything.

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