Good morning Uncle Ope, pls kindly keep me anonymous, i am 20 and in my finals, my bf is 23.

we started dating when I was in 100level then he was in finals,i gave him my virginity,he is good guy but he has communication issues when we are together he’s all lovey-dovey but when we are apart it’s like am dating a whole different person no calls nothing even if his online he doesn’t chat with me then he tags it he was busy, after school he moved to another state and he continued his character I talked to him about it but he wouldn’t listen, though he finds time to visit then I would be happy then back to that nonchalant character when he leaves, so I started kiping male friends which I hardly do cus I don’t even have female friends,i started to hang out we guys and this brought me to cheat, I cheated on him and I didn’t feel bad for it I told him and he kept crying saying I hurt him, he forgave me and we started afresh.

i thought he will change that attitude an be more caring since our relationship was a distant one mind you am not ugly am in the category of those light skinned smallie with brown eyes and nice shape, on one occasion I met a guy he was all caring he treated me well I got so interested in him he invited me to his house I rejected at first then I later went, he cooked for me I ate and was happy, for me to leave oga change it for me locked the door, he Was the only one that lived there so he forcefully had his way with me and I was ovulating, I took postinor 2 but it didn’t work ,weeks after weeks my period didn’t come I knew something was wrong, i was pregnant with the help of my friend I got those abortion pills I took them,that period was the worst period of my life I felt worthless and stupid, this was my first issue and I killed my baby,mind you my boyfriend was aware of all this he sent me money to take care of myself he called endlessly he told me to come see him, I was still bleeding I was ashamed to even see him but I eventually travelled, my boyfriend was doing okay like there was literally nothing I asked he didn’t do, he said he was willing to let go of my mistakes,i couldn’t believe

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