Hello Uncle Ope !!! Please keep me anonymous and post…

Something has been happening lately and my instinct kelp telling me to tell my mum about it!!! There is a particular lady that is always visiting my dad like two to three times a week!! Apparently, I work for my dad while waiting for my service(Nov).. I haven’t come to the conclusion that my dad is having an affair with the woman, but anytime she visit I always see trouble written all over her face, I don’t greet or talk to her..

Am just acting like I don’t know what is happening, the thing about this lady is that she is also a friend to my mum, married and has three kids.. My dad doesn’t even know have done my research about this woman but am just yet to conclude!! Anytime she is around I noticed that my father’s workers give them space to talk and all but am not comfortable with this at all!!

I feel I should let my mum know about all this before its get too late or should I leave them to continue and act like nothing is happening because I don’t want any issues between my mum and dad!! Or should I just confront the lady!! Please I need your advice..

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