1. Find out what is stressing you out – you can’t keep saying you are stressed. You have to find out what is stressing you out in order to reduce the stress. It may be finances, not getting your way, bridesmaids stress or even the whole wedding itself might be overwhelming. Get a pen and paper and write everything down that is stressing you, this way you see it clearly and you can then make a plan on how to handle these stress-related issues

2. Get help – After you identify what is stressing you out and written them down, you then want to get help. You cannot do it all by yourself, get a wedding planner, a reliable friend, speak to someone who has had a wedding before to get advice. Also, delegate tasks; give friends, family members, vendors tasks to do to release some of the burden off you, you cannot do it all by yourself.

3. Compromise – You cannot get everything your way. Yes, it is your wedding but there are other people involved in the wedding too, not just you. Meet your fiance, vendors, family members in the middle, reach an understanding so that everyone is happy. No one wants to work with a bridezilla or be around one.

4. Understand the bigger picture – Part of this is knowing how to pick your battles. Your marriage matters most and there is life after the wedding day. When you understand this it is easier to pick your battles and let some things go! You’d feel a lot better when you realise that the wedding is not do or die

5. Have some YOU time – wedding planning can be so demanding and you end up spending so much time on it and stressing on it that it no longer becomes fun, rather a burden. Take some time off to enjoy yourself, exercise, do yoga, meditate, go out with your girlfriends, go on date with Bae and have Bae time. Trust me, all this will lift your mood and allow you to wind down and de-stress from wedding planning.

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