Hi guys, this week, we are reviewing #Kaybelle17; the Cinderella wedding that rocked the internet a few weeks ago.

The grand #KayBelle17 happened in August. It was one of the classiest weddings the month recorded and is still setting the trend for other weddings, especially for its Cinderella theme. The vendors gave their all to ensure the couple, Ikenna and Amaka (@amakalabelle) had their dream wedding and it sure came out beating the couple and their guests imagination.

The wedding planner Ivy-Lil’Beth Concepts (@ivylilbeth) and photographer, Charliel Photography (@charliel_photography) let us in on how the wedding planning and their experience.


Ivy: We began the planning process for #KayBelle17 in the first week of June, about a week after our first meeting with the Groom, Ikenna Igbokwe. We knew we were planning the wedding when the couple responded in agreement to our proposal, terms and conditions. We were quite happy to begin the planning process given the details of what they wanted and the time frame we had left before the wedding

Charliel: The groom Mr Ikenna Igbokwe contacted us on instagram, April 12th 2017 to be precise and we concluded in June, two months to their wedding after negotiations… Vioalaaa here we are…(Amazing couple I must confess,the bride is effortlessly a sweet being)


Ivy: The Bride wasn’t in the country, which meant a lot of phone calls, chats and emails after the first meeting with both the bride and groom, this also meant squeezing in everything we had to do with her (Dress fitting, make up trial, shoe purchase etc. including her meetings in church)  the one weekend she was able to come into the country in July prior to the week of the wedding. However, the groom is a very hands on type and we commend how in sync they are which made it easy to get the work done. The Bride’s mum was also available to meet with vendors and pitch in where necessary.

We however had to pretty much convince them to trust that we could deliver the theme (Cinderella Theme) as elaborately as we had put down given the budget and that we could get the best vendors to do this.

Charliel: Timing during the morning before wedding shoot because we had so much plans to enable us make their cinderella story memories worthwhile but the moments shared was adorable


Ivy: We had a quite a number of laughs, they are a fun loving couple. We mostly enjoyed the Waltz dance rehearsals we organised for them with Krump Dance Studios a couple of days before the wedding. It was really the first time we had them together and relaxed and enjoying the process asides our first meeting.

Charliel: During the order rof photographs, where we had interactions with the friends nd family, it was fun all the way.


Ivy: We listened to the couple (Mostly the bride) explain what they expected of their day and we put a name to it. They knew exactly what they wanted, but hadn’t given a thought as to having a particular theme. Miss Yvonne Akpomedaye who is the Head Event Consultant and Founder of Ivy-Lil’Beth Concepts is one who knows how to interpret a client’s thoughts with ease, she gave the theme as Cinderella/Contemporary Victorian and the couple were absolutely sold. Interpreting a theme is what we mostly do as Event Planners. We went to work creating what turned out to be a really Beautiful Event, we recreated the Cinderella story in almost absolute similar details within our limits and the couple, their family and friends absolut

                                WORD FOR INTENDING COUPLES
Ivy: To intending couples, take time to really pick your wedding planner by listening and trust your planner with every possible detail that may affect the wedding. Your planner becomes like your BFF before your wedding. Don’t rely on Instagram or Social Media alone to pick the best Planner or vendors that would best fit your wedding style and budget.

ely loved it all.

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