Hi guys, it’s another episode of Our Perfect Story with Lade, where brides let us in on how their wedding planning went, the challenges, the memories, and where they also tell us which of their vendors they loved working with and why.
Today, Amaka Onwubuya Igbokwe (@amakalabelle) talks about the grand #KayBelle17. Talk about weddings that scattered the net in the month of August, #KayBelle17 was one of them and we still can’t get enough of the mind blowing photos from the wedding.
Read what she shared below:
I feel elated. I’m happy knowing I married a good man as I know I didn’t make a bad choice. I’m happy with him.
The planning was herculean, really. Planning a wedding from an outside location isn’t easy. We hired the services of Ivylilbeth concept to plan our wedding. They did a good job and captured our story just the way we wanted. Funnily we created our hashtag years ago lol, long before we even got engaged. #KayBelle17 – Kay from his name Ikenna and his nickname ‘Kayzone and Belle from my nickname ‘Labelle’ which is the French version of my name, Amaka. Thus, it was easy for our planner to work the magic and create our Cinderella story using our preferred theme.

The vendor we loved working with the most?, that will be our photographer Charliel photography and his team. Working with them was amazing. From our pre-wedding shoot to the traditional wedding and eventually the white wedding, Charliel captured our moments and created stories we won’t forget in a hurry. They’re so passionate about their job, looking out solely for the best in quality while ensuring clientele satisfaction. For them photography is beyond images, it’s more of the arts of expression and story-telling as there were times we thought we were actors in a movie they were directing. We really enjoyed working with them as they’re good at what they do. Shoutout to @charliel_photography. Thank you for making our story so beautiful.
Well…if we could change anything, I bet it will be to a lot more time for taking pictures… Lol. We were almost late for our church wedding so a lot of memories weren’t captured but you know how it is. Our planner made sure we were in church in time for the service while our photographer improvised. I’d do it over again if given the chance but maybe I’ll start bridal preps as early as 5 am though lol.
Advice to soon to-be couples, honestly I’m no counsellor nor am I good with giving advice, but I’ll advise intending brides and grooms to ensure they relax prior to the big day. You can never get it 100% right when planning a wedding so just relax and make sure you enjoy your day. Remember, your wedding day is all about you as a couple, so ensure it is exactly as you imagined and dreamed it. From your story, to your colours, theme, venue and even your bridal party, ensure that you make your day solely about you as a couple. Don’t break the bank but ensure people celebrate you as a couple as opposed to just being entertained.After all your wedding is just a day event so why not enjoy and let it be intimate and beautiful.

PS: shoutout to Bridesandbabies for my Cinderella dress.

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