Popular TV host, Frank Edoho decided to pull a surprise on his wife, Sandra in 2016 by arranging a baby shower for her without her knowledge. He connived with her friends to give her the greatest surprise of her life. Speaking on how much the surprise got her, she revealed noone has ever got her the way he did.

Sandra shared her surprise below:

“You See, I am not someone that can be easily surprised! I am a bit too nosy, and I snoop and I ALWAYS find things out!? So my gorgeous gorgeous friends decided to show me pepper!

I knew that since they were planning my #babyshower , someone would tell me, “let’s go for lunch or let’s go see a movie”, and it would turn out to be my shower. I was ready for them? But these girls decided to bring the shower to me! Hahahahahaha! To my own home.

So they planned with my husband to take me out of the house in the morning. When Oga said to me, you must follow me for this event, I was like, ha! Pls go, I have deliveries, must I follow you? And on and on I went with my excuses? But he insisted and we went for the event! My girls came to my home and set up everything! All this while, my husband was receiving “funny” calls and coding?

Oh boy! I begin vex oh!! “What do you mean? Which girl is calling? Why will she ask where are you? FOR WHAT? ???? After small quarrel and settlement, my husband said okay, okay, I have a gift for you at home? I started thinking, “Ha! Oh boy, my new car done land!! This Range Rover I have been dreaming of don land oh!!? Chai! SEE groove??? Then I became a loving wife, I said “Oh babe, In this economy? you shouldn’t have now$?! Ah! What kind of gift is it eh????? For my mind, car dey wait for house??? Cut a long story short, I got home and opened my door and I got the BIGGEST shocker of my life! All my girls were there just for me, just to make me smile. I smiled and laughed and smiled so hard, my face still hurts. I was truly surprised???? It feels amazing to be blessed with GENUINE friends. REAL people. I am so happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

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