Hi guys, it’s been a while we shared an image here on Greenweddings Image Of The Day.

Today’s image is both hilarious and didacting. Take it from us, you will when you see it but when you look at it the next time, you will realise it’s a serious matter.

A lot people have made the mistake of trusting their event planning to people who are not professional event planners’ hands. Hence, what everyone dreads at their events happens. Food!

In the image below, the groom started crying, why? Because his boss who have gone out of his way to sponsor his wedding was served food without meat. Funny right? But it happens.

To avoid this, why don’t you go to Greenweddings.ng and register as a couple. At Greenweddings, you can plan your wedding, get your vendors and share your story. You’ll be glad you did.

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